Get Energised – Virtual Retreat

Healthy Cooking Meets Dance Movement

The Basics

What: Get Energised – Healthy Cooking Meets Dance Movement (Virtual Retreat)

When: 7th Aug 18:00 BST – 9th Aug 14:00 BST

Where: Online (ZOOM)


Great For: Nutrition Knowledge, Understanding Psychology Behind Food Choices, Boosting Energy & Health, Relaxation, Plant Based Cooking Class, Connecting With Your Inner Self

Organised in partnership with Nava Haus Retreats


INNER FIRE It Is and Nava Haus Retreats invite you for the weekend of boosting your energy through practicing healthy nutrition, breathwork, and the beauty & healing qualities of dance movement.

Join Kriss Höss (Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Health and Quantum Wellbeing Coach), Shake London (Transformation Through Movement & Dance) and Aleksandra Cichuta (Psychologist & Life Coach) for 3 days of the Online Wellness Experience where you will discover healthy cooking sessions, nutrition talks, dance and voice movements with some breathwork elements.

You will be taken through a fun, flexible, enlightening 3-day virtual retreat where you and others come together to:

  • Chat about your eating habits, cooking and daily life living routine with our teachers.
  • Learn how to prepare delicious easy healthy dishes.
  • Have an understanding of a healthy eating routine.
  • Learn to feel comfortable and confident with your body.
  • Sensual empowerment that will help you open up and connect with your emotions on a deeper level.
  • Fun, uplifting sessions with a group of like-minded people.
  • Learning the foundations of how to listen to your own body’s rhythm and connect within to let the energy flow.
  • An overall incredible experience that will leave you feeling euphoric.


Sue James – Founder of Shake London, your mindful, ecstatic and authentic journey through dance, movement and meditation. The practices she teaches will help you to hear and acknowledge your bodies wise counsel. By giving in to the movement of her own body, she is finally able to let go of her mind, and her passion is to share this with you.

Kriss Höss -Nutritional Therapist specialising in the field of Holistic Health & Quantum Wellbeing. She coaches people on an individual and bespoke basis working across multiple dimensions such as food & nutrition, weight issues, eating challenges, personal management and consciousness, breathwork and meditation. Kriss has a great way about helping people with understanding what affects their wellbeing & their bodies and how to make improvements

Aleksandra Cichuta – International Mind and Body Wellness Practitioner, Qualified Life Coach and Psychologist. For the past 10 years she has been helping people to make desired changes in life, through understanding and re-shaping the relationship with your own emotions, words and inner dialog. Aleksandra is also the Founder of INNER FIRE brand through which she works closely with international professionals in the health, nutrition, energy and personal development.


Virtual Retreat Itinerary

Day One 

6.00 pm – Introduction/ Ice Breaking: 60min 

Ice-breaker: meet your teachers, talk to them about your needs and aims, meet all the other guests from Europe.

7.00 pm – Calming Session with Shake London: 60min 

Calm movement session with meditation run by Sue founder of Shake London. Our body is designed to move and during a journey into the movement we can allow ourselves to be present to what is, without judging or assessing, just living each moment as it comes and trusting that all is well in our world.

Day Two: 

10.00 am- Dance Movement with Shake London: 90min 

Awakening and expanding the part of you that is always well through dance, movement meditation, music and voice. Come into balance, natural flow, and stillness. You will be gently guided to express all that is present in our body. The music creates movement with our own unique rhythms

11.45 am – Nutrition talk and healthy drink/ smoothie preparation with Kriss Höss: 60min 

How to still be able to enjoy sweets and alcohol on occasion? How to eat anti-inflammatory foods? What is balanced food on a daily basis?

1.00 pm – Lunch/Cooking Session with Kriss Höss: 60min 

Join a cooking session with our private nutritionist to learn how to prepare healthy delicious and quick vegan dishes. You will be cooking together with a chef who is an expert on healthy cooking and eating habits. You will get a list of ingredients as well.

2.00 pm – Afternoon Tea & Non-alcoholic Drink Reception: 60min (optional) 

Day Three: 

10.00 am – Workout Your Appetite (Dance Session with Shake London): 60min 

Finding and expressing our primal voice, with its personal vibration, through our breath, our unique rhythms and our body. Sessions are fun, vibrant, creative and enlightening.

11.15 am – Food Psychology talk with Aleksandra Cichuta: 60min 

How to make better food choices by re-shaping our thinking patterns?

How we feel affects what we eat. What we eat affects how we feel. Emotional eating, breaking bad habits and why this is so important to the short- and long-term health.

12.30 pm – Lunch/ Healthy Cooking Session with Kriss Hoss + Talk: 90min 

You will learn from our private nutritionist how to prepare healthy delicious and quick vegan  dish followed by a talk about healthy cooking and what is the key to it.

2.00 pm – Closing 

Equipment You Will Need:

A mobile phone, laptop or tablet

Download zoom app (all session links will be provided in advance)

Cooking menu and ingredients list (will be in your registration email)

Pen and paper


Book: https://www.v.navahausretreats.com/events/get-energised-healthy-cooking-meets-dance-movement

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