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INNER FIRE It Is is a platform helping your health and wellness brand be visible to wellness customers who search for your kind of offers but do not find them easily. This platform gives you visibility and creates engagement with people wanting to improve their well-being.

Online and local brands from all corners of the world are welcome here. As long as your offerings contribute to the well-being of everyone interested, you are much appreciated here.

Working Together

Here is your chance to share your story behind the brand, your news, your mission, to stand out as a quality brand and be recognised for supporting people’s health, being environmentally friendly, bringing communities together and for genuinely carrying to make a positive difference in the life of people.

We work with your marketing team to find ways to best engage with the INNER FIRE users, e.g. sending our members to shop with you, using the membership discount; we promote your latest offers, we share your news, story behind the brand, mission, vision, updates, we create competitions with your products to be won, etc.

Your brand is recognised for having a status of promoting the mind/body health, being socially and environmentally friendly and for doing something good for the people and the planet.

You build grater trust and love for your brand while engaging with well-being enthusiasts through IFII newsletters, blog, articles, videos and social media.

Video reviews showing all the best about your products and services are broadcasted on the INNER FIRE TV channel and promoted across all online platforms.

Your events are promoted and IFII network invited to attend.

You participate in building an active network of wellbeing-oriented businesses, buyers, customers, creators, educator, messengers, all united in collaboration to improve lives.

  • Working with your marketing team to find best ways of engaging with wellness customers
  • Your brand is recognised for contributing to the mind/body health of people and for being socially and environmentally responsible
  • You build trust and love for your brand through offers, news, competitions, insights, story behind, and anything else you want to share
  • Video reviews showing all the best about your products and services
  • A chance to be featured in the Ask The Expert video series
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