Inner Fire Brands


A well-being learning platform providing facts, studies, strategies and community support to enhance mind and body health and support you in living from the insight-out. IFII also brings to you online and local authentic and quality health & wellness brands and their offerings.

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Empowering musical performance, blending entertainment with education. The show blends music, dance, and spoken word embracing the power of inner self and leaves the audience empowered to let their inner light shine bright. The show is also organised to support the well-being of young people faced with challenging circumstances.

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A series of inspiring events bringing together all interested in healthy living; designed to connect you with well-being practitioners, experts, and brands in a welcoming, uplifting, and fun social environment; to engage in mindful conversations about balance mind and body; to guide you on your journey toward a healthy and happy life; to make lasting connections, leaving you inspired to cultivate your best self; to embrace the best in you!

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The Wheels of Joys

All you must know to practice living from the insight-out because now you’re ready to discover… This is the INNER FIRE Community space where questions about health, joy, happiness, well-being, and living from insight out are asked and answered. It’s a hands-on transformation and co-creation through being true to who we are.

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ICONIQUE Performance

The parent company behind the INNER FIRE brand. ICONIQUE Performance is a well-being production, events, and education company, with its head office based in London.

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The science to healthy use of fear for abundance.

Discover how to use fears to escape the anxiety trap and create the life you want.

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Well-being Learning Platform