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30 Seconds Exercise to Improve Metabolism

The Basics

What: How To Improve Metabolism & Live Longer With 30 Seconds Exercise

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Great For:  Keeping Healthy and Fit, Feeling Happy, Body, Digestion, Immune System, Mental Health, Fitness routine, Nutrition


There is absolutely a better way to improve the health of your body. And it’s got nothing to do with stair masters or anything like it.

How to learn how to live longer by improving your physical fitness? But even better… what if you could improve how your body functions for the rest of your day in only 30 seconds?

To stay healthy and have a better digestion system with no future health problems we need to think about inflammation which comes with big consumption of sugar, oils or simply from being exposed to WIFI, electricity, poor air, unclean water, etc. as one of the aspects and how to control blood glucose before eating.  Help comes in just 30 seconds.

The science has proved that 30 seconds of exercise can speed up your metabolism and help your body function. It is mind-blowing how much you can achieve in 30 seconds! Of course, keep your daily routine of workout and do this exercise as a bonus.

How to Practice

If you exercise before you’re eating you enhance your body to control your level of glucose and keep it normal. How?

Before every meal you are going to have, or only before your huge meal (you know when this one is coming), just right before eating, go and do 30 seconds of quick exercise like burpees, push-ups, or any cardio. Get your heartbeat a bit faster than normal. You can even do it in the restaurant’s toilet 😊

Extra help comes with activity right after you finish eating. Japanese studies show that a quick 15min walk after the meal does the same job. It keeps your glucose and blood circulate properly and avoids any inflammation.



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