Woke up Tired This Morning? Here is How to Get a Good Night Sleep

  • 28 March, 2019
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  • By Aleksandra Cichuta

Almost a third of people in the UK are getting poor sleep most nights and stress and worry remain in the top reasons why.

Perhaps we do not pay enough attention to sleep, thinking “I’ll have a few coffees and I will be fine”. Yet,sleep is as important for our body and brain functions as water, breathing and food are. If you’re not paying attention to sleep as part of your regular wellness routine you are missing a core ingredient.

A few tips to help you sleep well:

– Turn off all electronic devices 1 hr before your bed time (the blue light is tricking your brain into thinking it’s a day time and therefore, not time to sleep). If you’re bored go for a walk, read a book, rearrange your wardrobe, talk to whom you live with, be creative)

– Eat no later than 2 hrs before your bed time (food takes time to digest and if you eat late, your body will be working through the night to digest what you eat, therefore a chance is you will wake up tired)

– Set a mood for relaxation. Whatever helps you to relax, do it in the hour before your bed time

Happy Sleeping!

How to get it right then?
  • First, find out what is your own individual sleep time. Is it 8hrs, 5hrs or 10hrs? Best to measure it on a day off or holiday, when you know you can relax and do not need to get up early. Take a note of the time you are going to bed and the time you wake up.
  • Now that you know how many hours you need for a good sleep, figure out the time you need to be in bed by each night. For example, you need 7hrs sleep and you need to wake up every morning at 6am to go ahead with your day. This means
  • Keep in mind that naturally our body is ready for the rest cycle about 2-3 hours after the sunset. If you stay awake longer, you force your brain to be active and it becomes just that. Bottom line: it is much easier to fall asleep by
    10.30pm then around midnight because your body is naturally tired.
  • No matter what time you fall asleep, be sure to wake up at the set time (6am in our example above)and DO NOT take any
    naps during the day!
  • The following night, go to bed at your set time and wake up at the set time (repeat every night, no naps)

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