Wellness in London This February

  • 06 February, 2020
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  • By Aleksandra Cichuta

What is shaping in the wellness world this month in London? Here is a few new additions which are worth trying.

London Grace Celebrates 5th Birthday

The award-winning nail bar London Grace is well known for their vegan-friendly polishes using their collection of free-from nasties nail polish. It is their 5th birthday this month and as part of the celebration, London Grace offers customers one of its dry Hunky Dory polish pedicures for a £1 (usually £20) when booked alongside any Top Notch manicure (£28) this February.


Origins + Somerset House = Free 'Cleanse, Mushroom, Moisturise’ Mini Facial

Somerset House and Origins got into a partnership for the time of the ‘Mushrooms’ exhibition running January 31 – April 26. The exhibition looks at fungi’s cultural legacy and the Origins became its official beauty and wellness partner. As a result, a Mushroom Shop will be open alongside the exhibition, where you can get a free ‘Cleanse, Mushroom, Moisturise’ mini facial. 


Live Well Festival

First wellness festival in 2020 starts on the 28th of February and runs until the 1st of March. Some of London’s best fitness studios will be there, including The Refinery, Flykick and Define London. Different styles of meditation & yoga, trial-run fitness classes will be offered to try. Expect also over 130 talk and workshop sessions led by experts in well-being, health and fitness.


Track Your Ride With SoulBeat App

Spin classes can now offer a new flavour to all the cyclists. As you ride, SoulBeat tracks how you connect with the music and how much power you generate. This new app launched by SoulCycle shows how closely you are riding to the beat of the music. It happens through tracking your progress and performance such as distance, power (how much force you’re using to pedal), cadence (RPM, how fast you pedal), and ‘Beat Match’ (how in sync you were with the rhythm).

An interesting twist is is that you can only collect the data after class so that you remain completely connected to the ride, without distractions. 


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