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The Basics

When it’s time for upgrading your yoga outfit or getting more accessories, here you can find beautiful, comfortable and quality designs – YogaMasti.

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Yogamasti creates beautiful, unique and practical yoga clothing with a holistic feel. To wear on the yoga mat, or off the yoga mat for everyday wear, their stylish yoga clothing will make you look and feel great no matter where you are.

All Yogamasti Yoga wear is extremely durable and the majority can be machine washed. To complete the advanced yoga aura, Yogamasti also provides you with spiritual yoga mats, yoga accessories and a yoga DVD.

How to Redeem The Offer

Browse¬†https://yogamasti.co.uk/ for products you like most and use the promo code ‘INNERFIRE15’ when purchasing the item at a full price. This offer does not include items on sale.

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