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Website: https://yogamasti.co.uk/ 

Telephone: +44 (0)77 2342 3719 or +44 (0)24 7699 6218 

Email: info@yogamasti.com 

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Led by Yoga enthusiast and dancer, Aanika Chopra, Yogamasti has made it from London to the rest of the globe. With the Yogi/ yogini and their practice in mind, their Yoga collection has made it into 20 shows around the world. This is a spiritual collection, infused with a holistic spirit. The beauty of it is the fact of having detailed hand-painted work decorates the yoga wear as it compliments your body. Made for your comfort brand researched and discovered the perfect blend between lycra and cotton for you to comfortably practice in.

To wear on the yoga mat, or off the yoga mat for everyday wear, Yogamasti stylish yoga clothing will make you look and feel great no matter where you are. All our Yoga wear is extremely durable and the majority can be machine washed. To complete the advanced yoga aura, Yogamasti also provides you with spiritual yoga mats, yoga accessories and a yoga DVD.


Our goal was to create fashionable yoga clothing that would enhance your yoga practice. We started our journey at the 2009, London Yoga Show when we stunned the audience with our first yoga collection. Since then we have never turned back: our goal – to create beautiful, unique and practical yoga clothing with a holistic feel.

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