The Basics

Congratulations to Alison Jagroo. You won one year subscription for Silatha Meditation App, worth £49!!!


We have asked: “In which country meditation was first developed?”

The correct answer is India.

The Prize

Silatha is a unique meditation brand designed to create a meditation routine and to experience lasting fulfilment and more balance in life. Silatha creates a connection with a physical item, which reminds the wearer of the intention that is set at the start of each journey. With embodied cognition, the user creates a lasting pattern of meditation

The app combines gemstone jewellery and a meditation app enabling you to create a daily habit – which is the #1 difficulty to continue with meditation. By connecting with a tangible item, you’re reminded of the intention you set. Embodied cognition enforces a lasting meditation habit to experience more fulfilment and balance in your life.

Silatha’s comprehensive meditation app includes 12 series of 21 daily guided meditations to nurture your chosen inner quality, be it Love, Compassion or Trust, with additional silent meditations to extend the journey.

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Choose the correct answer to the question below and if you are right, you will have a chance to win £49 one year subscription for the Silatha Meditation App.

Q. In which country meditation was first developed?

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