8 Ways To Heal Your Throat Chakra

  • 18 January, 2021
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  • By Joanna Cichuta

The 5th Chakra, or Throat Chakra, is found in the throat. In the general sense, it’s associated with the communication. How many times communication skills is often an issue in any type of relationships?

The throat chakra (also known as Vishuddha) is responsible also for self-expression, and the ability to speak your truth.It’s the energy center through which you not only communicate or express your truth but also the highest truth. Being the communication center of the body, it controls your ability not only to speak your truth openly and purely but also your ability to understand your needs and desires and being able to communicate them.

When your Throat Chakra is off-balance or blocked, you may experience negative symptoms related to communication and self-expression

This chakra is the seat of self-expression and can be viewed as a crossroads of the heart and the head — serving as a mediator between emotions and thoughts. The more balanced your fifth chakra is, the more freely and effortlessly it is for you to express yourself in a pure way.

The imbalance of your Throat Chakra, as well as blockages, manifests itself in excessive talking, arrogance, dishonesty, gossiping, poor listening, timidity, fear, and manipulative behaviour.

Let's find out now what causes Throat Chakra blockage?

If you lack confidence in expressing your feelings, ideas and thoughts, your Throat Chakra may be blocked. That is when you likely experience frustration when it comes to expressing your feelings. This often means not being able to find the correct words, particularly when you are scared of losing something or someone.

Is your throat chakra out of balance or blocked? How does it manifest in my daily life?

These questions will help you gain total clarity on the state of your fifth chakra:

  1. Am I talkative?
  2. Am I manipulative in the words I use?
  3. Do I gossip?
  4. Do I listen to others with the intention to understand and genuine interest or do I listen poorly?
  5. Am I honest with other people in general?
  6. Am I honest about my own mistakes and do I openly admit my mistakes and wrongdoings before others?
  7. Do I say little lies or unnecessary exaggerations?
  8. Do I speak with the power?
  9. Do I speak my truth without the fear of being ridiculed?
  10. Do I easily and freely express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions?

Reflect on these questions in your journal, acknowledge your patterns when it comes to self-expression and communication with the external world, and write down your intention to heal it.

How do I heal my throat?

Positive affirmations

A great affirmation to include in your daily mantras would relate to authenticity and open communication. Here are the examples of affirmations to use to break your old patterns and plant new ones:

“I willingly release all fears and negativity that block me from speaking my truth.”

 “I lovingly speak my truth and allow my Higher Self to speak through me.”

 “I use my words to create beauty in this world.”


Singing is a fantastic method to clear your Throat Chakra, so start singing in the shower on your way to work or whenever possible.

Singing Mantras

Singing mantras clears your Throat Chakra on both physical and subtle planes. While singing energizes your brain and your throat, singing mantras amplifies the effect as they awaken your spirit.

Mindful Eating

You might ask yourself, how does this relate to your Throat Chakra? It does relate as the fifth chakra governs your mouth, tongue and throat. So whatever you consume, or eat, can create a serious blockage, and vice versa, blocked Throat Chakra affects your relationships with food. 

Your inability to express your feelings and emotions manifests as emotional eating. In other words, you binge on unhealthy food or indulge in excessive amounts to numb your unexpressed emotions and fears.

The practice of mindful eating will help you break the pattern of emotional eating as the tool to deal with the suppressed or under-expressed emotions and feelings.

Essential Oils


Frankincense is beneficial in cases of underactive thyroid. This essential oil amplifies your spiritual awareness and connection with the divine.


Geranium is used to soothe sore throats, clear oily skin, and move stagnant energy in the body.


Jasmine is also known as one of the Throat Chakra’s essential oils for its effect on the voice. It is used in cases of a hoarse voice. Jasmine helps you heal your pain and wounds around relationships and intimacy. 


Sage is a master healer. For Throat Chakra issues, this oil is beneficial to heal gum disease


This fragrant and fresh aroma invigorates creativity and self-expression.


Warm and very spicy, Clove has been traditionally used for mouth, tooth, and gum tissue healing.

Think Blue

Have thoughts about a beautiful and bright blue light. Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra.

To be more precise, it’s the celestial blue. 

Inhale when you visualize this light and imagine that the light is filling up your throat area with cleansing and healthy light. When you exhale imagine that you are releasing all your stress and tension.

Guided Meditation

Using guided meditation, one can also activate the fifth chakra. With its element as Ether or Space, it signifies your ‘purity’ or Vissudha. You can find more about breathwork technique and videos in our INNER FIRE Community platform https://innerfirecommunity.mn.co/


Studies by Irina Yuguy and Debra Rose Wilson


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