7 Steps to a Healthy & Balanced Life

  • 17 May, 2019
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  • By Aleksandra Cichuta

What does it take to keep our life in balance, emotionally, physically, intellectually? Sounds like a complex task to achieve but actually, there are a few thing each of us can practice and soon you will see the positive change.


1. Keep fit and live a wellness lifestyle.

There is nothing that will do more good for you in terms of being vibrantly healthy, energetic, and youthful than a regular fitness program. Develop a well-rounded program that includes strength training, aerobics, and stretching. Make this program a top priority in your life and stay committed to it. Rest and sleep, pure water, clean fresh air, healthy amounts of sunshine, and fresh wholesome foods are all essential ingredients to vibrant health.

2. Learn to elicit a relaxation response.

Stress comes from many sources and taxes our nervous systems. Excessive environmental stimulation — noise, traffic, and especially commercial advertising — causes stress. People who do not express feelings get sick more often, stay sick longer, and die sooner than expressive people. Becoming deeply relaxed in mind and body is something for which we must work. Learn deep relaxation techniques, such as meditation, visualization, yoga, stretching, and breathing exercises, so that your stress levels will be under control.

3. Find time each day to be alone, visualize, and meditate.

Enjoy the peace of your own company. By spending time alone, breathing deeply, and quieting your everyday thoughts, you can tremendously enhance your health, happiness, and peace of mind. Silence nourishes your soul and heals your heart. Spend a few minutes every day visualizing, not only your goals, but also how you would like your life to be.

4. Simplify life and slow down.

Find joy in simple pleasures. Breathe deeply, smell the flowers, talk to the animals, spend time with a horse, sing with the birds, be with friends, greet the sun, scratch behind your dog’s or kitty’s ear, and make someone smile. Marvel at the miracle you are, tell someone you love them, and laugh out loud—often!

5. Nurture and develop your intuition.

Intuition is sometimes called a hunch, going on instinct, an inner-knowing, or a sixth sense. Whatever you call it, intuition can be nurtured in a variety of ways — through contemplation, relaxing your mind, or by taking walks in nature. Be still and listen. At any moment of the day, with all the countless decisions you need to make, try this experiment. Hold a question or concern in your mind, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Turn within and ask your heart and inner guidance (I talk to my guardian angels) for help on making the best choice.

6. Embrace an attitude of gratitude.

The single most important inner trait for happiness is gratitude. So be grateful for everything that’s going on in your life, no matter the circumstances. This kind of attitude will help foster happiness and peace of mind, and assist you in living more fully. Gratitude is a dynamic spiritual energy that allows you to exert a powerful influence on your world. It’s like a bridge — a connecting link — between you and every possible avenue of good in your life. Keep a gratitude journal. Each day write at least three things for which you are grateful, and you will find that your blessings increase.

7. Learn to live in the present.

Today is a new day. There is no other day like today. It is unique and special. It is also an opportunity to begin anew, to experience a clean slate, a new beginning — in this very moment. Living in the moment is different from living for the moment. Don’t compare the present with the past. Be fully present each moment — be mindful — and free yourself from the past. Take the wisdom and love you learned from all past experiences and let the rest go. What you give your attention to always expands and grows in your life. So choose to be positive, happy, and appreciative every hour of the day.


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