5 Signs You’re Suffering From Low Vibration

  • 08 January, 2021
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  • By Joanna Cichuta

Energetic vibration is not something everyone is attuned to.

Sure, we feel the ‘vibes’ around certain people, or in some places or situations – but it’s easier to be attuned to other people’s vibes than it is our own.

What Does It Mean To Have A Low Vibration?

All living things have vibrations. And your vibration is your energetic frequency.

Having a low vibration is connected to lowered energy and negative, oppressive emotions.

So, how can you tell if you have a low vibration?

Well, take a look and see if any of these emotions sound familiar:

  • Anger
  • Jealousy
  • Bitterness
  • Pessimism
  • Guilt
  • Blame

If you find yourself constantly at the mercy of emotions like these, you may be suffering from a low vibration.

What does higher vibration mean?

Just like low vibration, higher vibration is a measure of our energetic frequency.

When you meet someone with a higher vibration, you know it. They’re often smiling and cheerful, have a positive outlook on life, and light up the room around them.

How Can I Raise My Vibration?

Tere are 5 ways to raise your vibration:

1. Check your mood

Are you happy, energized, enthusiastic and bright?

Or, are you moody, depressed, lethargic, angry or resentful?

Persistent sadness, anger or other negative emotions signal a low vibration. But you have the power to change your moods.

If you focus on the problem, the feelings continue but if you focus on the feeling and give no mental energy to the problem, the feelings will pass.

2. Check your results

A high vibration manifests as positive results; a low vibration manifests as negative results. If things were going along just fine and then suddenly took a turn for the worse, it’s due to a lowering of your vibration.

Keep in mind that your circumstances are the result of past vibrations but you may still be dealing with the residue of ways you used to vibrate.

Solution: be patient, keep your vibes as high as you can, and things will go back on the right track again.

3. Check your mind

Your mental processes are directly affected by your vibration.

A high vibration is characterized by sharp thinking, quick learning, easy memory recall, innovative problem solving and high creativity.

Low vibration is characterized by sluggish thinking, slow learning, “mental fog,” poor memory, being stuck on problems and creative blocks.

Solution: inspire your inner artist! PLAY. Do something you love to do that has absolutely nothing to do with your responsibilities.  Do it until you will feel better.

4. Check your body

Your physical body holds a lot of clues about your energetic vibration.

Headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, skin problems, sleep disturbances, low libido and frequent illness are common symptoms of low vibration. All of them can be traced back to energy.

If you’ve ever been through a long-term difficult period you know that it took a toll on your health and vitality. Similarly, being in love and doing something you love stimulate good health.

Solution: listen to what your body is telling you. You may be so used to feeling depressed, or stressed, that you don’t even notice it. But your body does. It will respond with fatigue, sleep problems and many other symptoms. Don’t take any physical clues lightly.

Do what you can to raise your vibration through improving your mindset; and support your body with excellent nutrition, exercise and rest.

5. Check your home

Your home is a physical representation of what is going on in your energy.

For example, someone who is overwhelmed and worried will often neglect their home because they just can’t handle yet another chore on their to-do list. These low-vibrating energies make themselves comfortable in your home and they manifest as clutter, dirt and disorder.

Solution: it actually feels very soothing and uplifting to clean your home. Imagine that as you are cleaning your home, you are cleaning out the negative energy that has taken up residence in your energy field.


Studies done by Mindvaley

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