Winter Activities Sportswear 20-70% OFF

For You and Your Dog

The Basics

Trespass outdoors sportswear offers 20% OFF their products in the Christmas Sale (promo code FLASH20) and up to 70% OFF in the clearance selection. 


Born in Glasgow, Trespass is an international sportswear brand, specialising in skiwear, waterproof jackets, fleece, festival accessories, walking boots and camping gear. With their own trademarked fabric technology, the brand particularly stands out with Tres-tex® fabric, which provides an effective waterproof barrier against wet weather.

Not only yourself but also your dogs can be dressed here for adventures in winter activities.

The Trespass team believes that no matter where you reside in the world or what age you are, you should always be able to embrace the great outdoors.

How to Redeem The Offer

To redeem the Christmas Sale offer, go to the Trespass Shop and use the code FLASH20 at the checkout.

To get up to 70% OFF, browse the clearance section: https://www.trespass.com/row/clearance

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