Available in Food Exchange, West End, London

The Basics

AddressFood ExchangeSW8 5EL London, United Kingdom 

Website: https://www.wheyhey.com/ 

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8940 8665 

Great for: Ice-Cream, Snacks, Gluten Free, Sugar-free 


Outrageously good treats that taste amazing and are good for you. They’re naturally low in sugar and high in protein because Wheyhey uses Whey Protein, the goodness found in the best bit of milk. All their ingredients come from trusted sources. Especially their milk. Their milk comes from happy, grass fed cows cared for by farmers they trust. No compromise there.  


Creamy and delicious ice cream, naturally sugar-free and high in protein.  

Rich and indulgent chocolate brownies packed full of real chocolate chips. Naturally low in sugar, high in protein and gluten free. 


Wheyhey is a team of British and Irish, healthy treat pioneers committed to changing the face of food without compromising on either health or taste. Their business started in 2013 in a flat in Brixton after they had become increasingly frustrated by friends and family digging into so called ‘healthy snacks’ that were secretly extremely high in sugar. They decided to venture into the snacking market themselves to try and make a difference. Wheyhey was born. 

From humble beginnings where many evenings were spent hand stickering ice cream pots and many days were spent selling ice cream door to door, Wheyhey has continued to grow year on year into a serious contender on the snacking scene. Jump forward to 2018 and they have a rapidly expanding team and are experiencing phenomenal growth. They have also gained a bit of a reputation for themselves along the way, including being named ‘Virgin Pioneers’, winning ‘Start-Up of the Year’ and being named as a ‘Trail Blazer Brand’ by Food Vision and The Unilever Foundry. 


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