What is The Law of Vibration?

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WHAT: An introduction to the first of the laws of universe

SOURCE: Aleksandra Cichuta Coaching, MBGMindfullness, Teachings of Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra and Bob Proctor

GREAT FOR: Understanding Spirituality, Emotional Balance, Manifesting, Mindfulness, Mental Health


You already know that energy is not stagnat but always moving. Since everything is made of energy, everything must be in motion. How the energetic elements move and in what relationship to each other is govern by the universal laws. 

Who decided on these laws? Probably the same force that has created the universe, which we live in, and where everything co-exists thanks to its natural order. It’s enough to closely observe the nature to see that order. There is no chaos, even if it looks like at the first glance. 

The laws of universe are often associated with Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness. Some of the laws, however, are also attributed to hermetic philosophy going back to ancient Egypt. It is believed that when we are aware of the laws and learn to apply them, we are capable of living a balanced and abundant life, feeling at peace and joyful. 

What is The Law of Vibration?

At the microscopic level, everything not only is in constant motion, but is also vibrating at a specific frequency, and there are many different frequency levels.

The Law of Vibration is also known as the Law of Energy. It explains that everything in the world moves and vibrates in a circular motion and on a specific frequency. This includes your thoughts, desires, feelings and your actions. Each one of them has a unique vibrational frequency, and vibrating on a lower or higher level.

A lot has been said about the Law of Attraction and my guess is that you understand the phrase ‘like attracts like.’ How it happens is governed by the Law of Vibration, and refers to the vibrational power of the energy. When a thought is vibrating on a specific frequency, it attracts similar vibrational energy of another thought, an emotion or action. Most people focus on the law of attraction to manifest their goals. However, it may not bring the desired results without understanding that the real power of manifestation lies in the law of vibration.

Two Ways of Using The Law of Vibration

With realisation that everything vibrates on a specific frequency level, comes the question: How do I know what level I vibrate on and how to match with the vibration of what I desire?

Know that whatever are your levels of emotional or thoughts vibrational frequencies, if you experience any form of life discomfort or suffering, this is because you experience mismatch. You vibrate on the frequency level a bit or a lot lower than the frequency level of all the emotions and things you desire to experience and have in life. Therefore, the work here is to elevate your frequency to a higher level. You know when you’re doing it right, when you start feeling better and better about yourself and your life.

The lowest vibrating emotions are grief, anger, sadness.

The highest vibrating emotions are joy, peace, love.

To stay in alignment with the Law of Vibration, use it in two ways: 

1) Generic rise of your vibrational frequencies

The Law of Vibration works like a mirror. If you set your vibration on happy feelings, you create more joyful experiences. You will, in turn, draw cheerful patterns to yourself in the form of people, things, and experiences.

Keep in mind the highest vibrating emotions (joy, peace, love) and make sure you are in these vibrational states as often as you can. Think thoughts that make you feel love, and at peace. Do things you enjoy. Act in the peaceful, loving ways.

Always reach for a better feeling thought. When you are angry, do or think of something that produces calming self-talk. When you are sad, shift your focus to thinking of something that brings laughter and joy. When you think worrisome thoughts, change the way you look at your circumstances and shift to thinking hopeful thoughts. By paying attention to what’s feeling good, you distract yourself from what’s feeling back. Through doing this you’re changing your vibration, from low to higher. You’re no longer in the vibration of anger, or sadness or worry.

Now you are in a different place, on a different vibrational frequency, and it is easier and easier and easier, for your inner being to pull you towards the vibrational frequency of your idea of where you want to be (emotionally, financially, health wise, all).

Watch for an opportunity to feel good.

2) Matching the frequency of the reality you want to get.

The only way to get where you want to be is to vibrate emotionally as if you are already there.

For instance, when want to be in a loving and committed relationship, having family, think of how will you feel when you get there, what will be your primary emotional states, and then tap into them (feel love and share love, joy, excitement, passion); what will your actions and behaviours look like (more carrying, giving, plenty of shared time, quality heart to heart conversations) and do that right now.

You can feel these emotions, do these actions even when you are single. In fact, you want to be, feel, think and act as if you already in a relationship. This is how you start vibrating at the frequency of a loving, lasting, connected, happy relationship, and therefore, there is no other way but for this relationship to manifest itself in its physical form.

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