What is Spiritual Energy?

Spiritual being having a human experience.

The Basics

WHAT: A deeper look into our human connection with the energy.

SOURCE: From the Insight-Our Living Challenge program by Aleksandra Cichuta, INNER FIRE 2022

GREAT FOR: Mindfulness, Personal Development, Abundance, Energy Work


You are the spiritual being/soul/embodied energy having a human experience. 

Most science, medicine, and education are focused on understanding the function of our body and mind. Thus, we are conditioned to think that the mind and the body are the whole of our being, responsible for the shape of our health and life. But there is more to us.

Beyond our mind and our body, there is the energy force that puts life into every cell and every thought. While not well studied, it is already scientifically recognised for having strong healing powers, and therefore its existence is no longer denied. 

What if we are the energy having a human experience? What if our body is just one element of what we are made of and our mind is a toolkit meant to be used by the energy of our being, in the process of creation, discovery, and experience? 

People who experienced the NDA (Near Death Experience) all report that while being on ‘the other side’ they have learnt that we are much greater and stronger than our body and mind, that we are expanded as an energy beingconnected with the energy of every other being that also has a physical form.

Realising that we are energy beings showing up in different physical forms which while appearing separated, are still part of the same energy stream, is a beautiful truth and the one with the power to bring balance to lives of just about every being in the world. 

Where is Th Energy Stored?

You may not feel your energy, you may be disconnected from it and not sense it at all. It does not mean, this energy is not you. Your core being is always at work, its energy may not be visible to you but it is always influencing your body, mind, how you function, your decisions, actions, and ultimately, the shape of your life.

Energy is an interpersonal, non-physical force of essence. On a fundamental level – everything in the universe is made of energy. From this perspective, you are also fundamentally energy.

The energy system is invisible, stored deep in the subconscious, and creates our consciousness. It is a fluent force that is constantly moving in the universe, through all the physical forms, through you and me. We constantly take in the energy coming from the outside and we also emanate our energy.

When it flows through you it becomes the spiritual energy of your being and it concerns what you do with your desire, with the fire insight of you. While you cannot detect this energy with a voltmeter, it is real, it is the energy of the human spirit.

You experience the spiritual energy when you feel that you live purposely, that you can contribute positively to the lives of other people, that you can build something lasting and in an alignment with your inner truth.

Our spirituality is what gives shape to our actions. When you do things that keep you energised, integrated, in a state of joy, peace, and love, your spiritual energy is balanced and therefore, healthy. On another hand, when your yearnings leads you towards actions that harm you, leave you drained, harden your insight, or results in feeling emotionally broken, then your spiritual energy is unhealthy. This is when you want to consciously work on bringing it to a balance again.


How to Consciously Connect With Your Spiritual Energy?

Take care of the balanced flow of energy

In Taoism there is a belied that a  proper balance between Yin’s storing force and Yang’s releasing force of energy ensures that a healthy Qi energy is flowing through everything from an organ of the human body to the snow on a mountaintop. When this flow is blocked, when it gets stuck or is in inbalance (too much negative, not many positive forces) it often manifests as body or mental illness, economic crashes, wars, etc.

The balance is in letting go of negative energies (stored in emotions, reactions, words). Allow yourself to feel them, instead of resisting, but without holding on to them and storing them. By letting go you allow space for new energies to come through, you also let in more of the ones that vibrate on the energetic frequency of joy and love.

Connect with the source energy through the moments of stillness.

The moments of stillness are what helps to bring your spiritual energy to the consciousness. Quieten your mind and all the 5 senses, so that you can re-establish this connection. The moments of stillness can have many different forms, not only meditation, but also a prayer, breathwork, or simply sitting in a quiet place. You choose and whatever the choice, when done regularly and often, it allows you to tap into the greatness of your being and now you can use the whole inner support in your daily endeavours.

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