Breathing Practice

Conscious Slow Breathwork

The Basics

What: Slow Breathwork Practice

Where: https://youtu.be/e9Oka8KunWE

Great For: Stress-relief, Relaxation, Sleep, Mindfulness, Heart & Brain Health, Emotional Health


Slow Breathwork practice is a conscious breathing with 10 or less breaths per minute. Such slowing down the breath frequency practices create psycho-physiological changes in the brain-body interaction. There are many benefits with our favourite to be:

  • Improved vigor-activity
  • Strengthened brain
  • Strengthened heart
  • Reduced anxiety, depression, anger and confusion
  • Increased comfort, relaxation, pleasantness, vigor and alertness

How to Practice

The are many slow breathing techniques you can choose from. We invite you to join us in the following one:

Breath in for the count of 5 – hold the breath for the count of 5 – breath out for the count of 10 (extend if you can for even better results).

Do this for 30 min daily, for 7 days (longer or even forever if you like this practice).

You can either do this conscious slow breathing for 30 min in one go or throughout the day. We suggest 10 min first thing in the morning, 10 min in the afternoon and 10 min before the bed time. The goal is to complete 30 min in total every day.

Support Group

Together is more fun. Join others in the support group for this and other weekly practices: https://innerfirecommunity.mn.co

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