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NHS approved choice of the teff flour UK, breads, snack bars and flakes.

The word ‘teff’ originates from the Amharic word ‘teffa’ which means ‘lost’ due to the small size of the grain or from the Arabic word ‘tahf’ used by the Semites in South Arabia.

Teff grows naturally in three different colours – Brown, Ivory and White Tegg Grains. The White Teff flour is therefore, wholegrain white teff.
The source its conventional and organic teff from places where EU strict agricultural rules apply to the extent of fertilizer used farming conventional teff.

Tobia Teff started in 2008 and is run by Ethiopian-British husband and wife team Sefanit Sophie Sirak-Kebede & Meny Kebede. Teff is an Ethiopian grain with the power to ‘boost nutrition’ that helps to promote a healthier body.

It’s a superfood Ethiopians have cherished for centuries that the rest of the world has only just begun to recognise its potential. “We realised there was a demand not being met so we created Tobia Teff and became the first Ethiopian-British business to introduce Teff to the UK market. As a family-run business, we stay true to our values of integrity and personalised service. All of our products are handmade and packed in our humble workshop in North West London.” The brand uses only eco-friendly packaging throughout.


As a family-run business Tobia Teff aim to use our Ethiopian knowledge and culinary skills to provide customers with a healthy alternative to aide in their dietary requirements including coeliac disease sufferers and for those with wheat intolerances, as it’s completely gluten-free.

They believe that sourcing healthy products should also keep our planet healthy so the brand uses compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout their product line and the team is working towards a plastic-free environment at their London workshop.

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