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The Basics

Address: London, UK

Website: https://www.thefoodteacher.co.uk/

Email: info@thefoodteacher.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 780 289 4997

Great for: Education, Diet, Nutrition, Health, Wellness


The Food Teacher, Katharine Tate, is an award winning nutritional therapist, radio presenter and author. She has worked as a teacher and education consultant internationally in primary and secondary schools for over 20 years.

Qualified as a registered nutritional therapist, Katharine, combines her unique education and nutrition expertise to offer schools, organisations and families advice, education programmes, practical workshops, and individual/family consultations.



The Food Teacher team, which includes several qualified and experienced teachers, work with schools in various ways depending on staff and pupil needs, funding and priority.

The team has extensive experience working with both Primary and Secondary schools offering advisory support, developing curriculum content, schemes of work, assessment, policy development, mentoring staff and model and team teaching.

Personalised Services and Clinic

The Food Teacher clinic offers a range of services to support individuals/families work towards optimal health. Services include one to one nutritional consultations either in-person, over the telephone or video chat, personalised food and lifestyle reviews, themed cookery sessions, nutrition boxes or personal health profiles which include a functional test and consultations.

Examples of health conditions which may benefit from a consultation at The Food Teacher Clinic includes: allergies, constipation, low energy, low mood, erratic behaviour, sleep problem, eczema and skin health, asthma, diarrhoea, stress, hormonal imbalances, learning difficulties…


The Food Teacher works for corporates and in the wider community delivering workshops, talks and food and nutrition demonstrations.

All talks and demonstrations to groups are always based on a specific theme, e.g. De-Stress through Food, Feed your Brain, Bust Health Myths, Eat to Energise. Audiences/events include food festivals goers, child care events, community groups, business groups and corporates which have included the Home Retail Group and several FTSE 100 companies.

Education in Media

Katharine is also a writer and broadcaster, she has published material for schools including her books ‘No Kitchen Cookery‘ and ‘Now We’re Cooking‘. She has also written other books including ‘Heat Free and Healthy’, her series of ‘Mini-Books’ and contributed to Waiting for a Voice.

She currently writes for various magazines, blogs and organisations including ‘Health Triangle Magazine’, ‘True Health Magazine’ and ‘Parenta’. Katharine also presents her own radio show on ‘UK Health Radio’ about the importance of food for health. Tune in and listen to the experts she interviews about various topics such as gluten, chronic fatigue, Alzheimers and dieting.

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