The Expansion Game

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The Basics

Author: Gosia Gorna  

Where to Buy: https://gosiagorna.com/book/ 

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Great for: Wellbeing Book, Midnfulness, Mental Health, Fears, Mind & Body  


A powerful method to transform your fear into brilliance. This life-changing book introduces a powerful new method called The Expansion Game, which can free you from the fear of: failure; not being good enough; and being judged. It is packed with many real life examples, case studies and helpful tips, which will help you to let go of the need to hide, procrastinate and play small. 


This book will help you to… 

  • Turn your biggest fears into your biggest successes. 
  • Find clarity quickly. 
  • Make brilliant decisions. 

The Expansion Game will provide you with a reliable tool when you need to shift your state of mind and cut through a fog of confusion. It will give you the clarity and confidence to live your best life. 

The science to healthy use of fear for abundance.

Discover how to use fears to escape the anxiety trap and create the life you want.

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