Swedish Fit London

Various Locations Across London

The Basics

Production: Swedish Fit 

Address: St Mary’s Neighbourhood Center
Upper Street, N12TX London

Other Locations: https://www.swedishfit.co.uk/loc/li/  

Websites: https://www.swedishfit.co.uk/ 

Email: contact@swedishfit.com 

Great for: Wellbeing, Sport, Activities, Midnfulness, Mental Health, Fitness, Sport, Movement  


Warm up, cardio, muscle strengthening, stretching, all of it within an hour. In circles around the instructor, you follow the movements on the beat. Whether you’re a confirmed sports addict or a beginner, enjoy all activities and vary your workout. Find out our different venues in the UK and abroad. You have access to all of them. 


Standard: Fun, Cardio 

Intensive: Fun, Cardio, Strength 

Cardio Flex: Explosivity, Internal Training, Active Stretching  

CircuitFriendliness, Pushing Limits, Cardio 

CorePostrue, Strength, Balance 

Clubbing: Dance Floor, Accessible, Rythmic 


Swedish Fit is complete clever workout, excellent for the well being of your all body and mind! Strengthens your bone structure and improves your stamina. Step by step, you also improve your stretching and muscle strength. 

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