Step in Reflexology


The Basics

Address: 4 Rupert Ct, London W1D 6DY

Website: https://chinatown.co.uk/en/health-beauty/step-in-reflexology/

Tel.: 020 7434 3228

Great for: Massages, Reflexology, Head & Foot Massages, Mindfulness


Chinese massage therapy.

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese healing practice that involves the application of pressure to your feet, based on the theory certain areas relate to certain body parts. By massaging and stimulating the feet, illness and tension can be relieved.

Tucked away on Newport Court, away from the main
Chinatown drag, the Step In Reflexology has welcoming, large squishy leather sofas in which to recline whilst your feet are being massaged into submission.

Whether you’d like a restorative 30 minute foot massage, a tension-unwinding head and shoulder massage or a full foot, head and shoulder massage to undo all those stress-fuelled knots, Step In Reflexology offers a small-but sweet selection of authentic Chinese massage therapies.

A no-frills, candle and incense-free clinic, Step In Reflexology’s modus operandi is invigorating, value-for-money treatments by their expert team of skilled practitioners.

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