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AddressSpice Origin Ltd, The Courtyard, Ranmore Manor, Crocknorth Road, Dorking, RH5 6SX  

Website: https://www.spiceorigin.com 

Telephone: +44 (0)  7818 053133 

Great for: Spices, Organic, Turmeric 


Quality, fresh spices, directly from their source. Spice Origin sources small producers of organic spices. The brand supports marginalised farmers directly by cutting out the wasted expense of archaic distribution channels, so the farmer achieves a fairer price for his hard earned harvest, and you enjoy a higher quality product of proven provenance. 


Ceylon Cinnamon or “True Cinnamon”, Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Organic Black Peppercorns, Organic Brown Mustard Seed, Organic Cloves, Organic Tumeric 


Ben and Jim have embarked on a new venture. And it’s spicy. Literally. 

Their aim is to source the best quality, freshest spices direct from their source. And to tell the story of these spices: where they are being grown, who’s growing them, and why buying our products supports these (mostly) subsistence farmers. 

While Mr Barney sits in front of his laptop, creating the structure within which this will happen, Jim will be out on My Journey of Spice Discovery. A grand title for him doing what he likes doing best – travelling around, meeting people, seeking out where to source their spices from, tasting, filming chefs and cooks, eating, gathering stories, sampling, sharing recipes…  

Their goal here is to inspire people to get interested in cooking with spices, and to cook with great quality fresh spices direct from the source 

Tim Ellis & Ben Barney are friends since they were 13 years old and barely inseparable since! After school they embarked on worldwide travels loaded with just a backpack and a Lonely Planet. Whether it be staying with a Fujian family in a remote village or exploring the Annapurna mountain ranges in Nepal, they were able to experience many cultures and appreciate different ways of life. 

After university, they went their separate ways to make their way in the world. Tim created a responsible tourism company in Africa, giving kids from all over the world the chance to get involved in with local community projects across the continent. Ben, meanwhile, built a digital marketing & technology business supporting local businesses across the UK. Both love cooking, love curries and anything with a little spicy kick!  

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