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The Basics

Production: Sould Seed Media 

Address: 5 Jupiter House, Calleva Park, Reading, RG7 8NN 

Websites:  http://www.soulseedtravel.com/ 

Email: hello@soulseedtravel.com 

Great for: Wellbeing Retreats, Holiday, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness.


Soul Seed Travel is part of the Soul Seed Media company that specialises in working with holistic and wellbeing businesses with a passion for health, wellness and yoga retreats. Cheryl the founder and director of the company is a devout yogi, travel wellness consultant, travel writer and retreat guide – helping a person to find their perfect retreat! From African safaris to European climbing and hiking adventures.  


Soul Seed Media was created to offer our clients a platform to showcase their retreats on, support their existing marketing strategies through social media profile raising, blogging and advertising campaigns and reach their customers through our extended network and ever growing community of people looking for a retreat or wellness holiday 

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