Soap Daze

London, Online

The Basics

Address: London, Online

Website: https://soapdaze.com/

Email: soapdaze@hotmail.co.uk

Tel.: 07495 676643

Great for: Handcrafted Soap, Home Delivery, Skincare, Gift Boxes, Natural, Vegan


Nourishing and natural, vegan handcrafted soaps, skincare and gift sets.

Bar soap is a cost-effective alternative to body wash and liquid soaps, it is kinder to the environment and doesn’t need a preservative.

Soap Daze soaps are perfect for every day use all over the body and are gentle enough to use as a facial soap.

On average we use 6.5 times as much liquid soap as bar soap for the same job. Therefore each 112g bar of Soap Daze soap is equivalent to 700 ml of liquid soap.

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