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Address: Skin & Tonic London Ltd, Unit J, 9C Queen’s Yard, White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, London, E9 5EN

Website: https://skinandtoniclondon.com/

Tel.: 0800 130 3668

Great for: Skincare, Organic, Not Tested on Animals


A range of organic skincare products, made of natural, fresh and cruelty free ingredients, healthy and suitable even for a very sensitive skin.

You can get calm, healthy and glowing skin with the less is more brand’s approach to skincare.

 All products are available online with a free shipping on UK orders over £10


Sarah, the creator of Skin & Tonic products, used her own experience as a source of inspiration and solution for a healthy looking skin.

In her own words: “In 2009 I experienced a health (well, life) crisis. I lost my dad suddenly, then not long after I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a nasty fertility illness, all whilst trying to juggle a stressful career in TV.

Life catches up on you and soon I realised I wasn’t coping: my body and my skin went into flare and I developed breakouts, redness and dermatitis. I hopped from one beauty product to another, trying to find a solution to cover up my skin issues but I couldn’t find anything to help.

My skin and my body needed a fresh start.

I quit my job and began to help myself one step at a time: I quit smoking and drinking; I began to eat well and practice yoga and then I turned my attention to what I put on my skin.

I, like many other women, refuse to risk my health for beauty. I wanted to eliminate endocrine disruptors (linked with fertility illnesses), carcinogens and the hundreds of skin irritants that can be found in many conventional beauty products. I studied skincare formulation and essential oil science and worked tirelessly to create formulations that were fresh, gentle, pared-back and effective.

My skin started to look clear and calm and then the inflammation disappeared. I developed healthy glowing, peachy soft skin! Skin & Tonic was born. Now it is our life. I hope you love using our products.” Sarah

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