Seka Nikolic

West Hampstead

The Basics

Address: 3 Rosemont Road, West Hampstead, London, NW3 6NG

Website: https://www.sekanikolic.com/

Tel.:  0207 443 5544

Great for: Bio-energy Healing, Private Sessions, Emotional and Physical Health


Seka Nikolic is a Bio-energy Practitioner with exceptional healing powers. Born in Novi Sad, Former Yugoslavia. She is a graduate of Economics from Sarajevo University, has become celebrated as a Bio-Energy Practitioner throughout Europe and now Worldwide. She inherited her Bio-Energy powers from her mother, but was encouraged not to use them until she finished her education. She has practised her extraordinary powers since 1983.

By passing her hands over the body, Seka can identify physical and emotional energy blockages. She then works to rebalance the body’s own natural energy frequencies, in order to bring back health and relieve negative symptoms.

Seka believes that wellness and illness are set by energetic frequency relationships within us, which resonate more or less coherently. For her, the task of healing is one of balancing those structural levels within the individual.

Seka’s healing abilities were evaluated by the scientific Institute for Bio-Energy Research in Milan (one of the world’s most active research institutes investigating energy phenomena). Her success rate is high and it has been established that her powers are unequalled by anybody in the world.

Bio-energy Treatments

Seka’s Bio Energy treatments work wholly on balancing the body’s energy system, in order to help the body resonate at its own natural frequency. When our energy system is ‘blocked’ or ‘out of synchronicity’ we can feel negative symptoms and are prone to illness. By rebalancing these energy frequencies, the body can then kick-start its own natural healing powers.

During each session one hand feeds positive energy into the patient, which works to revitalize, while the other hand extracts negative energy, thereby balancing the energy levels. During this process Seka can feel different types of pain. She releases this energy from her hand, which sounds not dissimilar to static electricity.

Please NOTE: Seka will not see people with the following conditions: Heart disease, thrombosis, peripheral vascular disease, or if you have a pace maker.

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