River Kwai Thai Spa


The Basics

Address:696 High Road Leytonstone London E11 3AJ



Tel.: 0208 5390958 / 0734 1227798

Great for:Thai Massage, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Mindfulness


9 different massage treatments for all your body’s needs.

The Rive Kwai Thai Spapossesses the hidden knowledge of traditional Thai massage and the spa will give you a wonderful soothing relieves both in body and soul when you pay them a visit.

The spa’s expertly qualified masseurs from Thailand would give you the most relieving Thai massage in a Thai-oriented setting.

Regular massage and spa therapy are currently viewed as strong natural treatment for individuals who are work-exhausted. The act of touching is a characteristic human reaction to another’s stress and pain, and for passing on sympathy and care. By applying a series of traditional and modern actions that impact your soft body tissues, you can both relax and invigorate your body at the same time through massage, which gives you a soothing feeling that far exceeds them both. Aside from creating a healthy mindset, studies have shown that massage relieves stress and pain; it brings down blood pressure and heart rate, enhances lymph and blood circulation, improves the nullification of poisons and promotes the secretion of endorphin – the natural painkiller in the human body.


Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Oil Massage

Swedish Massage

Relaxing Massage

4 Hand Massage

Hot Oil Massage

Hot Stone Massage

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