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St. James Square, Mayfair

The Basics

Address: 33 St. James Square, Mayfair London, SW1Y 4JS

Website: https://www.reeyaavani.com/

Email: hello@reeyaavani.com

Tel.:  +44 (0)7507523666

Great for: Reiki Healing, Crystals Energy, Private Sessions, Anxiety and Stress Relief, Gaining More Energy and Confidence


Reeya is  a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healer based in Mayfair. From her practice she offers a unique style of healing, one that helps with issues such as anxiety and stress, to feeling negative and feeling low, to lack of confidence and lack of energy. Over the years’, she has helped many clients break-through these barriers and helped them to improve their emotional, mental and their physical health.

Types of Healing

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing can vary from person to person.  Reeia uses her holistic and unique skills to identify root causes and then plans the correct healing treatments as per the needs.

After a treatment you may experience a sense of lifting, like something has been removed, and depending on the intensity of the healing (which can vary from person-to-person) this feeling can be all of sudden , or it can take a few days.

Reactions vary; for some its jubilation and a moment of Joi-de-vivre, whereas others may feel a sense of reflection, acceptance, followed by a tear-full release.

Mental Healing

This hand-holding approach provides that extra bubble of protection, a comfort zone of reassurance, and a platform to monitor progress whilst I fine-tune the healing, to deliver the best results.

Reiki Healing

Pronounced Ray-Ki, is a gentle non evasive yet very powerful energy healing technique originating from Japan.  Developed just over a hundred years ago by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, Reiki has now started to become very popular in west, with both private and public health authorities (including the UK’s NHS)  recognising this method.

It’s also wildly known that the benefits of Reiki are many, and some of these include: lowered blood pressure, easing of aches and pains especially chronic pains, relieving stress and tension, boosting energy, increasing mental performance, self-esteem and overall confidence. Reiki is also excellent in improving one’s sleep, equipping you with emotional energy to deal with depression, divorce, separation or bereavement. Using Reiki is also known to help combat phobias, treat addictions, and help patients to better manage life-threatening illnesses including the side affects to cancer treatments.

Crystal Healing

The use of crystals, gemstones and certain metals to aid better health have been around for 1000’s of years, but recently they have become very popular.

Reeia has a large selection of crystals which can be different for each client, and part of her skills is that she has the ability to detect and tune in to your energy and then select the right crystals for you. This almost prescribed approach is unique to my services, in that no two crystal healing sessions are ever the same. Some of the crystal she uses include Rose Quartz,  Clear quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, Tigers Eye, Aqua Aura, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian and Pyrite (just to name a few).

Wellness Programme

A personal healing programme brings together all Reeya’s services offering a total healing solution for people who are looking for a complete wellness programme to maximise the results, and really put them on-top. The programme is designed where we work together, guiding you through the stages of the healing process, healing you emotionally, mentally and physically.  The physical healing includes massages which are carried out by a member of my team.

Monitoring, feedback, and fine tuning adjustments are all part of the programme, and the number of sessions (and duration) is designed on an individual basis but typically involves 15 sessions. Normally spread over 3 to 4 months, and includes distant healing sessions. The wellness programme is popular with those who need to be at their very best, those in the entertainment world and in business.


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