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The Basics

Website: https://rawpothealth.co.uk/

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Raw Pot offers 100% organic, raw, unheated and untreated bee products which can be use in addition to your meals or as supplements.

Here you have a choice of Organic Raw Bee Pollen, Organic Raw Royal Jelly, Organic Rawyal Honey and….you can get all of the product in the “Bees made longevity” Bundle

Everything that is offered to you comes from Transylvania. This green region of Romania not only has a beautiful scenery but its pollution factor is minimal. All the wildlife is surrounded by acres of pristine fields, hills, forests and meadows – uniquely diverse flora. Such an unspoiled habitat makes is a perfect area for bee keeping.


People Behind - The Story

Raw Pot is family owned business, practising beekeeping for nearly 30 years. Family’s curiosity on finding out the magical secret of the foods bees create keeps them going for so long.

“After embarking on the raw beehive power, incorporating bee pollen, royal jelly, honey, propolis in my lifestyle, I realized that they not only contribute to feeling well, but offering something that no what no other foods are capable of – such as the electrifying sense of health, feeling vibrant, focused, fresh, energized for longer time, nourishing our cells to an extent that the body can rejuvenate and become a new YOU.”  AnaMaria,  Founder of Raw Pot

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