10 Power Emotions

Making You Feel Happier

The Basics

WHAT: A list of 10 emotions with power to make you feel happier.

SOURCE: Resources by Joanna Cichuta (INNER FIRE Co-Founder and Wellness Practitioner)

GREAT FOR: Emotional Well-being, Personal Development, Mental Health


Emotions help us to take action, to survive, strike and avoid danger, to make decisions, to understand others. Moreover, they help other people to understand us.

We can have emotions without having feelings, however, we simply cannot have feelings without having emotions. Emotions are subconscious and feelings are conscious.

Very often we hear the question: How can I control my emotions? or Why do we lose control of our emotions?

Emotional control and effective interpersonal relationships have made the difference between success and failure. By learning how to ride the waves of emotions, instead of letting them knock you over you will have an understanding of emotions and feelings and how our entire brain works.

Part of your brain drives your instincts, reflexes and basic physical functions. It is there for your own survival. Other part drives your feelings and emotions. It is your inner guide of your likes and dislikes. It stores your memories and makes you learn from your past mistakes. It helps you recall the past; however, it can’t foresee the future. Your third part of the brain is your brake, your problem solver, your friend that protects you against the emotional outburst and impulsive responses of your other two parts of the brain.

10 Power Emotions

1. Gratitude

Spiritual leaders such as Deepak Chopra describes gratitude as an “immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve our health.”

2. Hunger 

If you are going to create lasting value in the world, you must have the determination to make change happen.

3. Passion

Passion is what gives you a sense of purpose. Excitement and passion can add “juice” to just about anything. Breaks your old patterns of thinking and gets you to turn impossible into possible.

4. Love and warmth

The consistent expression of love can melt almost any negative emotion it comes in contact with.

5. Curiosity

Learn how to be curious, like a child. This way nothing will feel like a task or job.

6. Flexibility

Ability to change whatever is happening – to adapt with happiness. Focus on vision but stay flexible with the journey and way of achieving your goals.

7. Confidence

When you confident you have a better focus on the importance and this way you understand better what faith means and works.

8. Cheerfulness

Being cheerful means living life with joy and pleasure.

9. Vitality

In other words energy. Focus on a high-energy state because your mental and emotional state begins with your energy level.

10. Contribution Aspect

If you do things in life while thinking of others but not yourself that is the most meaningful and a skill to feel fellfield in life.

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