Plastic Neutral & Vegan Sports Nutrition 50% OFF

Christmas Offer

The Basics

Use promo code: FLASH50 to get up to 50% off your MYVEGAN high quality, vegan and dairy-free products order.


MYVEGAN is world’s first plastic neutral sports nutrition brand, offering high quality, vegan and dairy-free products. The people behind this brand are all about unlocking the power of plants. It shows in the form of protein blends, indulgent snacks, comprehensive vitamin tablets, drinks, butter spreads, oats, seeds and more.

Every single product is guaranteed to be 100% vegan produced by a planet friendly brand.

How to Redeem The Offer

To receive up to 50% OFF your order use the promo code FLASH50 on the checkout.

This is a Christmas offer, available on all online orders through https://www.myvegan.com/.

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