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The Basics

Address: London, UK

Website: https://gosiagorna.com/

Great for: Life coaching, eliminating fears, personal development, speaker for events


Gosia Gorna is the creator of a powerful method called The Expansion Game that turns the biggest fears into the biggest successes.

Over the past 20 years she has been assisting thousands of people make outstanding decisions in their lives by helping them to clear their fears and use their intuition with confidence … and she can help you get the clarity you need to make the changes you desire.


The Expansion Day

This is a powerful one to one session that runs from 9am to 5pm. Gosia will follow this up with a 2 hour Skype session to check in and reinforce that you are on track and taking the steps to reach your full potential.

The aim of the Expansion Day is for you to reconnect with your deepest destiny and let go of what stops you from living your most expansive life, so that you can make the biggest difference that you want to make.

The session works in three parts: 

  1. Intuitive Insight
    Before we start working, I will tune in and use my intuition to see your greatest gifts, talents and life purpose so that I can help you to live to start living your best life.
  2. Clearing Blocks
    The second part of the session is all about making space for new opportunities and growth. Here we clear the blocks that have been stopping you from achieving your full potential … fear, guilt, anger and limiting beliefs.
  3. Coaching
    The third and final part of the session will outline the clear path of action you need to take to achieve your desired outcomes and goals. Here you will find the answers to your most important and life changing questions.

The tools you will learn on the day will be relevant for the rest of your life as you will be able to use them in the future to help you to stay on track with your goals.


  • Face your biggest fears and release them easily
    • Gain greater clarity and confidence about your next steps
    • Find answers to your most important questions
    • Reconnect with your life’s mission and find the best way to express it
    • Make important, life changing decisions
    • Get a clear plan of how you can improve your business and/or life’s work
    • Clarify your key message for your book, course or product…to make a bigger difference
    • Achieve greater soul satisfaction
    • Achieve greater clarity, confidence and positive impact in your everyday life and your work and with the people around you
    • Gain flow and synchronicity attracting what you need
    • Have a greater impact on a larger scale

This popular day of transformation with Gosia includes a healthy & delicious lunch and yummy snacks!

The science to healthy use of fear for abundance.

Discover how to use fears to escape the anxiety trap and create the life you want.

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