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The Basics

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Moving Stretch® is a form of resistance stretching created by Suzanne Wylde that can help you to stretch in a powerful and intuitive way, helping you to become stronger, more flexible and boost your posture. This is an amazingly simple, effective and enjoyable way to stretch. A revolutionary new method, it focuses on re-conditioning and releasing the body’s fascia, so that people are free to move and be, without pain or limitation, helping them to be faster, lighter, stronger, taller and more open in their posture.

Using the power of resistance we re-condition our fascia (the tissue that gives us our shape), freeing us to move better, feel lighter, taller and have great posture.

Moving Stretch® self-stretching consists of a wide variety of individual stretches as well as routines. The stretches are accessible to 99.9% of people regardless of flexibility or mobility as they are designed to be used by each person according to their own ability level.

Moving Stretch self-stretching is a great way to learn to maintain your own body, decrease stress, improve posture and mobility and stay youthful.

You can either self-stretch with a trainer, in a class (or at home with the book or their videos), or have an assisted stretching session with a trainer.

How it Works

Normal or “static” stretching means that we go to the end of a range of motion and stay there, trying to push even further. The only problem is that this often leads to straining areas of weakness, rather than working on our tightest areas.

By contrast, Moving Stretch works by using a combination of movement and constant resistance (or tension). By engaging our muscles in this way, we also engage the fascia, which is a type of dense connective tissue. Then when we move and stretch through this resistance we can work on our fascia, leading to significant and more lasting change. Not only that but it improves the health of our tissue in general, leading to increased health and youthfulness.

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