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Manifest Health is one of the biggest international resellers of Enema kits and the exclusive importer for UK and ROI for the fantastic fine grind enema organic coffee produced by saWilson’s of Canada.

When you are detoxing an enema or colonic can be your best friend as when your elimination of toxins starts using these processes will really support your eliminative organs in getting those toxins out of the body before they have a chance to be reabsorbed or to cause detox headaches and such.

Enema Coffee

Typically, a coffee enema is chosen to encourage the liver & gallbladder to cleanse, open bile ducts, increase peristalsis, stimulate the digestive tracts, release toxins and help control pain, produce enzyme activity for oxygen uptake and help the formation of red blood cells.

Tip: Coffee beans are ground (after roasting) and then can be drunk or used in an enema. Think about the coffee beans you are using for your enema…are they heavily roasted (aka ‘burnt’) and have they been selected for drinking and flavour…if so are they designed more for drinking than enema use? Enema coffee is a golden roast (very light roast) and when made up in solution it looks like a green brown tea. The blend of coffee beans is pre-ground (otherwise they would probably ruin your coffee grinder!).

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