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The Basics

What: Emotional Well-Being Group Training and Individual Coaching

Where: Virtual, Telephone, Instant Messaging

Email: aleksandra@iconiqueperformance.com

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Great For: Individuals, Companies, Team Managers, Improving Emotional Health and Mental Health, Holistic Well-Being, Removing Anxiety, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Self-Acceptance, Creating Abundance, Self-Growth, Manifesting Desired Results in Life


“We can make this world a better place when we stay true to ourselves.” – Aleksandra Cichuta

Aleksandra is a qualified Organisational Psychologist, Learning and Development Specialist, Emotional and Mental Well-being Coach, founder of INNER FIRE, a mother to a 4-year-old boy, salsa dancer, martial arts practitioner, traveler, and a life lover.


Human Resource Development, MA, CIPD Qualified, London Metropolitan University, UK

Master of Psychology, Main Specialization: Psychology in Organization, Secondary Specialization: Psychology in Marketing and Commercials, University of Lodz, Poland

Certified Training Facilitator, Training 4 Influence, UK

Certified Life Coach, New Insights Ltd., UK

Certified NLP Practitioner, WestOne Training, UK

Training Solutions


Emotional Well-being One-on-one Coaching, focused on improving people’s emotional states and mental health. Her coaching style is holistic, promoting the insight-out living, and blending the practices and techniques rooted in psychology, personal development, mindfulness, and energy work.

The coaching consist of weekly sessions, designed to match the specific needs of a coachee.


Teams Emotional Well-Being Guide for Managers  2 hrs virtual training for teams’ managers leading, helping managers to understand the role of emotional well-being at work and offering practical solutions for strengthening their teams’ emotional health.

This training is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, ensuring considering organisational values, mission, objectives, workflow and leadership development programs.

Training Objectives: 

  • Managers have understanding of the link between employees’ emotional well-being and the team performance and productivity
  • Managers are equipped with tools allowing to build team’s emotional well-being management foundation
  • To initiate creating a safe space through leadership – Tire 1 of building a flourishing and motivated team with good emotional health and well-being.
  • Guidance on available resources


“I believe that within the depth of self, every person already has everything one needs to live an abundant, healthy, and happy life. My mission is to help everyone awaken this inner power and learn to use it in a mindful and serving way.” Aleksandra Cichuta

Aleksandra's Story

“While stepping into many roles in my life, all always come down to helping others shine their brightest light, at work, socially, in their health, to feel strong, and confident, and live life with passion and enjoyment.” Aleksandra Cichuta

This journey started at 17. Together with her high school class, Aleksandra was at a weekend integration workshop with a brilliant psychologist. She opened Aleksandra’s eyes to the possibilities of the mind and she was hooked.

At 19 Aleksandra entered the academic world of psychology. For 5 years she studied and wrote many papers on cognitive, behavioral, and individual psychology. In 2003 she was put in charge of designing short courses on management skills for top managers and leaders in organisations.

In 2005 she moved to the UK where she got to experience what emotional and mental challenges one deals with as an immigrant. “Just looking for work made me constantly compare myself with others, convinced that my English skills are not good enough to be hired. Only when I realised the self-sabotage and consciously shifted my thinking, a good job offer has landed on the table.” Following this realisation, Aleksandra spent 3 years advising people on the best ways to reach their career goals. All while back at university, studying Management in Human Resource Development, in London.

The shift in Aleksandra’s career came with discovering a life coaching practice. Helping individuals with self-growth became her focus. She completed a Life Coach Certification program and started a coaching practice in 2009. From this point onward, people get help with reaching their goals, clearing their emotional clutter, understanding what it is that they want, who they are, building better relationships, and feeling content in life, with a sense of direction and purpose.

Continuous research led Aleksandra to study beyond psychology and into more mindfulness and the traditions of spiritual energy. Energetic healing, the law of vibration, manifesting, breathwork, yoga, and meditation all became her daily practice. She has implemented all as parts of the coaching programs. Now more than ever Aleksandra believes in the power of inner being, living from the inside out, and holistic well-being.

With such power lies a responsibility for how your actions affect the emotional health of people around. The realisation of how much of a difference we make to each other through our interactions, work projects and social connections gave birth to Aleksandra’s focus on emotional well-being at work training.

Through coaching and group sessions, escalating emotional, mental, professional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being, her work helps you to make lasting changes, not only to heal from damaging emotions, energies, or thoughts but to learn how to manage them all daily so that you can manifest the life you want and deserve.

“Between you and me, we can embrace the best of your inner power and put a genuine smile back on your face and on the faces of those around you. I look forward to meeting you.” – Aleksandra

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