London Floatation Centre

Cubitt Town

The Basics

Address: 32-33 Skylines Village, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9TS

 Website: https://londonfloatationcentre.co.uk/

Email: info@londonfloatationcentre.co.uk

Tel.: +44 (0) 203 069 9921

Great for: Floatation, Wellbeing, Relaxation, Elevating Mood, Increasing Energy, Releasing Endorphins, Alleviating Pain and Stress, Massages


London Floatation Centre is one of a kind world class wellness centre offering expert floating, unique massages and body works, and outstanding hydrotherapy treatments under one roof.

London Floatation Centre offers an extensive range of treatments using only the best products in the industry. Their team is committed to providing you with the highest level of service at an affordable price. Indulging in floatation offers a number of key health benefits: it elevates mood, increases energy, releases endorphins, alleviates pain and stress, and allows you to reach new levels of relaxation and recovery.

In addition to flotation, the centre has a highly skilled team of therapists specializing in deep tissue, Swedish, and reflexology massage as well as colon hydro therapy.

Their staple is sensory deprivation therapy in thiert state of the art flotation tanks. Flotation therapy will help you to escape the hustle and bustle of London’s busy lifestyle and will elevate you to a new level of relaxation. The float rooms are equipped with the very latest generation of technology-rich isopod floatation tanks providing you with a pristine and tranquil experience.

Gift vouchers are available, a perfect gift for any special occasion. All major credit cards are accepted, except American Express.

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