Living Essence

Muswell Hill (North London) & Covent Garden

The Basics

Address: Muswell Hill, North London N10 2DS & 27 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BA

Website: https://www.living-essence.co.uk/

Tel.: 07956 376145

Great for: Energy Healing, Reiki, Private Sessions, Meditation


Living Essence has been created by the therapist and healer Andrea. She integrates different Energy Healing techniques, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP and Reiki in North London (Muswell Hill) and Central London to help you heal your toxic emotions and get back into the flow. She also offers meditation and mindfulness classes for individuals and groups and teach courses for personal and spiritual development. Distant healing and phone/Skype sessions are available to clients worldwide.


The benefits experienced range from gaining a deep understanding about ourselves and coming to a loving acceptance of ourselves and others to the resolution of spiritual, emotional and physical issues.

As we become aware of our patterns and fully feel and release negative emotions, we stop reacting mindlessly to our triggers and are instead empowered to respond consciously, which helps us shift into a positive vibration. In short, we stop operating from a fear-based point of view and move into a love-based one. This allows the Law of Attraction to work for us rather than against us as we always attract what we unconsciously radiate, whether it is positive or negative. Thus, energy therapies can help us embrace our life challenges as opportunities for growth and deep personal transformation.

Sometimes there can be dramatic improvements in only one or two sessions, especially if the issue that is coming up is ripe and ready to be released. However, often, the work of self-inquiry and healing uncovers issues layer by layer and is best thought of as a series of sessions during a period of transition that can go beyond your physical and mental health towards spiritual evolution and self-realisation, allowing you to truly ‘become the change you want to see in the world’.

About Andrea

From advertising executive to film rights trader to holistic practitioner, from party girl to earth mother, from 80s hedonism to a deep commitment to personal and global healing.

Born and raised in Germany, Andrea settled in London in the early nineties and built a successful career in the film business. Despite all outward success, she kept creating great suffering in her personal life by repeating destructive relationship patterns over and over. It was her encounter with Reiki and her attunements to Reiki I and II that helped her become ready for a committed personal relationship and motherhood.

She started the 3 year professional training course in 2007 and graduated with a Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing in June 2010. Her healing journey was truly transformational and life-changing: she faced the challenge of diving into the depths of her own woundings and felt the liberation and joy that comes from revealing and lovingly accepting all aspects of herself, the shadow and the light.
After graduating from the three year training, she also became a Reiki Master/Teacher to seal her life commitment to healing.

Fascinated by the seemingly unlimited potential of energy therapies, she actively engages in continuous professional development and keeps adding new techniques and modalities to her core skills. In 2011, she completed the EFT Practitioner Training, followed by the advanced EFT Practitioner Training a year later. In summer 2016, she completed an NLP Practitioner Training which has enriched her portfolio with further coaching skills in the area of conversational change and inspired her to use light trance states to bring forth healing and deep transformation. Read more…

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