30 Sec. Exercise = Longer Living

Glycemic Variablity & Inflammation, enhanced body's mobility...

The Basics

WHAT: Scientifically proven health benefits of 30 seconds cardio exercises before meals.

SOURCE: Research by Joanna Cichuta (INNER FIRE Co-Founder & Well-being Practitioner), references: Ben Greenfield

GREAT FOR: Fitness, Digestion, Blood Glucose Management, Metabolism, Overall Health


The mind-blowing science shows that 30 seconds of exercise can actually speed up your metabolism and help your body function at its absolute best.

Nobody is suggesting that you drop your regular exercise routine. But this simple exercise may totally change your energy output over the course of the day.

It’s good to take breaks every thirty minutes or so. So, why not break up your workday with a little desk-side exercise?

The human body was designed to move. So, even a 30-seconds break from sitting at your desk is going to be hugely beneficial.

Imagine, you have been invited for a big delicious dinner to your friends’ place and you know you want to eat a lot and enjoy the meal. What happens usually, you feel guilty that you gained extra calories perhaps or ate too much or you step closer to increase your blood sugar level. What you want instead is to jack up your metabolic grade which means the meal burns faster. 

How does it work and what are the benefits of it?

If you want to live a long time, have an absents of a disease and have a high quality of life during that time, there are two things important you should be aware of.

Number 1 is Glycemic Variability which is how often your glucose goes up and down on a day. Number 2 is inflammation which builds up in the body when you eat a lot of vegetables oils, sugar, you are exposed to loads of wi-fi or any other electrical areas, poor air or unclear water. 

Researchers studied what it takes to control the blood glucose. What they found is that when you exercise before eating you actually enhance your body mobility to be able to maintain a normal blood glucose response after you eating. ONLY 30 SECONDS of exercise is enough to achieve such result. 

You can do these quick burpees or push-ups prior to your meal that what is needed to maintain blood glucose. You can do that anytime you know you will have a big meal or eat loads of carbs. 

Also, the other study done in Japan shows that walking 15 min after the meal is very good as well for the glycemic variability. The idea is you do something to get your heart bit a bit higher.

If you combine these 30 seconds of exercise before the meal with the 15min walk after the meal you will maintain two very important aspects of longevity. 

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