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The Basics

Address: Flat 15, 27 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central, London W2 6DW

Website: https://juliancowanhill.co.uk/

Email: info@juliancowanhill.co.uk

Tel.: + 44 7910 315167

Great for: Tinnitus therapy, Private Sessions, Emotional Healing, Mindfulness



Providing a tinnitus therapy which helps you develop a positive mindset that helps you let go of the ringing in your ears. Learning to shift the focus away from your hearing and catastrophic thinking into body experience, and learning how you can settle your nervous system with the support of therapy, helps the tinnitus go quiet and you to unstick your mind from it.

Tinnitus therapy offers you support, understanding and guidance drawing on Julian’s own experience letting go of 20 years of his own symptoms and clinical experience working with over 600 clients since 1999. Julian provides coping strategies, body-based focussing, guidance and therapy to help manage and let go of this condition.

Tinnitus is a temporary state where we tune into the noise of the central nervous system, which we normally ignore. Our hearing has become too switched on and detects nervous impulses inside our head. That’s what tinnitus is.

When the nervous system settles and we stop feeling threatened by tinnitus, we come out of red-alert mode and our ears stop listening out so acutely.

As our hearing turns from red-alert back towards calm mode we naturally stop listening to the nervous impulses of the nervous system, and our hearing returns to normal.

Story of Julian Cowan

Stress triggered tinnitus when he was 16. Graduating from St Andrews University. He then lived all over the world, working as a language teacher in Venezuela, Japan, Hungary, Italy, France and Spain. By the time I was 34 my tinnitus became deafening and he couldn’t work any more.

This led Julian to try out Craniosacral therapy, which helped him relax and switch off for the first time in his life, and took him on a voyage of discovery into the body. His tinnitus started improving immediately and six months later, after 20 years of worsening symptoms, he woke up in silence. This was a life-changing experience for him and he vowed that he would do his best to help others let go of their tinnitus too. He trained as a Craniosacral therapist and since 2000 a sizeable part of his practice has been dedicated to helping people let go of their tinnitus.

Post-graduate courses at the Karuna institute in Devon put him in touch with Maura Sills who gave a talk at the Breath of Life Conference in London. She chanted the Buddhist Heart Sutra: Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha and Julian had an extraordinary experience of feeling the heart open. He had a strong emotional reaction, and for weeks afterwards he felt much lighter. As a result he resolved to do a training with Maura Sills, which appeared a couple of months later, as the Foundation Course in Core Process Psychotherapy.

He then went on to do an MA in Buddhist Psychotherapy and four years later qualified as a Core Process Psychotherapist at Karuna. This training developed a deeper connection to Buddhist practice and opened up a whole new world of awareness. He has been a full-time Psychotherapist since 2010.

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