John McGrath


The Basics

Address: Hale Clinic, 4 Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 9PG

Website: https://www.healinghealer.com/

Tel.: 0207 127 0665

Great for: Chakra Healing, Bio Energy Healing, Reiki Healing


John Mc Grath is a healer and reiki therapist whose work was featured heavily in the press over the years.

For almost 20 years John Mcgrath has used his healing gift to help others overcome physical and emotional problems. He has a special gift of being able to detect the location of blockages and negative energy patterns within the body’s energy field and chakras. Once detected, John is able to change this energy pattern by channelling a positive healing energy through his body and out of his hands. This re-balances the body’s energy field and chakras, and restores the natural flow of energy running throughout the body.

His astounding results with patients suffering from various physical and emotional ailments has led to his own column in the Daily Mirror newspaper, and features in several high-profile magazines including GQ, Best and Now. John has also discussed and demonstrated his healing gift in front a live TV audience during his appearance on the Esther Rantzen show in the late 90’s.

Thousands including those of celebrity and royal status travel hundreds of miles just to see John and experience first-hand his powerful healing gift. He’s been described as a phenomenon in the world of energy healing, a statement backed by some astounding success stories and testimonials.

Joh is a registered member of:

  • British Member Register of Complimentary Practitioners (MBRCP)
  • Institute of Complimentary & Natural Medicine (ICNM)
  • Complimentary Therapists Association (CTHA)
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Lineage

What is Body Energy and Does it Really Exist?

It has been scientifically proven that every living creation is made up of electromagnetic energy which vibrates at different frequencies. You may have heard this described in past as an ‘Aura’ or ‘Chi’ energy, which flows through the body in order to maintain health and well-being, both physically and emotionally. An energy healer or chakra healer is able to detect these energy vibrations and determine their frequency. Negative energy frequencies create blockages in your energy field, stopping the natural flow of energy throughout your body.  Chakra balancing breaks down these blockages and re-establishes the flow of energy throughout the body, thereby restoring the body’s own natural healing mechanism.


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