Jane Shaw-Cunningham

Staines & Across London

The Basics

Address: London & Staines

Website: http://www.jane-shaw-cunningham.com/c

Email: jane.s.cunningham@btinternet.com

Tel.:  +44 (0) 7768 075 798

Great for: Healing, Psychic Readings, Mindfulness, Spiritual Healing


Jane is a psychic reader, a professional spiritual healer, counsellor and complementary therapist.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings or fortune telling are thought to benefit many millions of people from all over the world. These readings can often help clients to re-examine their lives, think about their worries, needs and feelings and identify goals and actions.  Readings invariably offer clients the opportunity to reflect deeply.

Psychic readings with Jane are confidential and carried out in a comfortable environment at Jane’s home in Staines, near London. They include: tarot, aura readings, flower readings, coffee cup readings, crystal ball readings, gem stones, shell readings, palmistry, rune stones, phrenology, sand readings, graphology, tea leaf readings.

Complimentary Therapies

These are therapeutic treatments that are used in addition to conventional treatment. Jane offers a full range of complementary therapies for her clients, and she will take into account the client’s body, mind, emotions and spiritual health when diagnosing and treating perceived stress, illness and imbalance.

Jane is qualified in a number of alternative therapies and offers a wide range of treatment (e.g. aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, massage, counselling etc.,).  She has taught complementary therapy for 30 years, training students to a professional standard.


Story of Jane

Jane Shaw Cunningham was born in Singapore.  She was adopted and raised by her guardian, Aysha, a practicing Indian therapist and psychic.  At the age of four, Jane discovered that she had similar psychic gifts to her guardian and began developing these abilities.  After 13 years assimilating eastern culture and philosophies in China, Thailand and Malaysia, she moved with Aysha to India.  Here, under the guidance of an Indian master, she cultivated her knowledge of spirituality, ayurveda, complementary therapies and clairvoyancy.  At the age of 16, on the death of her guardian, Jane moved to England, which has remained her primary home base ever since.

Jane is very passionate about helping others which is a strong influence on her choice of career and skills. She  is a professional spiritual healer, counsellor and complementary therapist.  She has worked as a clairvoyant in many countries and continues to offer spiritual guidance to her clients abroad.  She has taught complementary therapy for 30 years, training students to a professional standard.  Jane works for many charities, both in the UK and abroad, using her abilities to help others in need.  She has worked many times as a foreign aid worker; she worked in India with Mother Teresa assisting the sick and has also spent considerable time working with careworkers helping children in Romania.  She still uses some of her spare time to continue foreign aid work in Romania.

Her many voluntary activities in England have included raising money through her clairvoyance work and as a therapist; lecturing and practising to assist charities such as London Lighthouse, Mencap  and Macmillan.  She has also worked to help the homeless and given volunteer help at drug centres and hospices.

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