The Wheels of Joy

Co-Creating Happy & Healthy Living From The Insight Out

The Basics

Website: https://innerfirecommunity.mn.co

Address: Online (Global)

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 846 0167

Email: team@iconiqueperformance.com

Great For: Access to Health & Wellness Resources, Networking With Well-being Enthusiasts & People Behind Wellness Brands, Mind/Body Health Self-Help, Free Sessions, Classes, Building Global Friendships, Finding Answers and Support




The INNER FIRE Community is where questions about health, joy, happiness, well-being and living from inside-out are asked and answered. Once you join this journey of transformation, you gain health, confidence, enjoyment, control over stress and freedom from anxiety.

Here you can talk to experts, learn from transformational sessions, studies, articles, daily inspirations and from the community meetings which saves your worry or doubts.

This is a growing community of mind and body well-being enthusiast, people who want to live from inside-out, people of all backgrounds coming together to empower, inspire, share ideas, experiences and information.

It’s a safe space where you can express your personality, to be and improve yourself. Free of judgment, criticism and full of support, this is the community of people who want to create life from the inside-out.

If you care about living in alignment with your inner self, if you believe in creating desired changes by being the change you want to see and if you want to be positively influential, you have just found your tribe.

We are people who share the journey of creating a lifestyle which is a result of one decision, to be the change we want to see in the world.” – Aleksandra Cichuta (Co-Founder)


The Wheels of Joy

In this community people who want to live from the inside-out, guided by their inner self, come together to support each other on their journey where stress and fears are replaced with joy and happiness.

It’s a journey on the 4 Wheels of Joy: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.

Your life is like a car, it takes you on a journey. You are the driver and you decide what this journey is like. You go places, take turns, stop and rest or keep going. How smooth and enjoyable is the ride you take every day depends on the 4 wheels of your car (life). When they are taken care of and are well balanced, each is the source of joy and all together make the car (life) go smoothly and the driver (you) happy to keep going and to create an exciting journey. You take passengers too (community members) because every car is built with a space for more than one.

Insight The Community

  • Private and public chats
  • Questions about health, happiness and well-being are asked and answered
  • Conversations with experts
  • Transformational sessions
  • Inspirations, quotes and thoughts to elevate your energy
  • Facts and studies on mind and body health
  • Well-being practices to keep you going
  • Sections (topics) with facts and learning content: Mental Well-being, Emotional Well-being, Physical Well-being, Spirituality, What’s Trending, Awesome to Try
  • Focused groups inside the community, specifically for those interested in the support with: Anxiety Control, Living Purposely, Nutrition & Healthy Recipes, Well-being Practice

Here is where living is being, where you have your tribe helping you to grow into a happy and healthy person.


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