How To Tune Into The Spirit World

We're All Psychic

The Basics

WHAT: Exploration of ways to connect with the spirit world

SOURCE: The Spiritual Law studies

GREAT FOR: Spirituality, Psychic Work, Meditation, Mindfulness


We are all psychic. And learning to access the spirit world is well within your reach. The ability to talk with a spirit or exercise your psychic ability is like a muscle. It gets stronger with time and practice. 

What is there before birth? The same as afterward, LIFE, alternating periods of life without being attached to the physical world with periods when the being returns to the physical world, incarnating as a new-born baby.

Connecting with the spirit world is much like tuning into a radio frequency. When tuning into the spirit world you will be raising your vibrational frequency as spirits then lower theirs — so that you both meet in the middle.

Here’s how…

Four Steps to Connect With The Spirit World

1. Set your intention

State out loud your intention to open the door to speak and receive messages from the spirit world, be it on a personal level or in a formal reading session.

2. Meditation

In your daily meditation be sure to try not to think about anything and if the thought comes let it go and pass. Meditation and quieting your mind will assist in a quicker and clearer connection with spirit.

3. Listen

Listening to signs, symbols and messages throughout your day is the next step in this journey. These may come in your dreams, in song, in synchronistic-like events in your day that strike you as coincidence. But the coincidence is non-existent.

4. Create a reading screen

Let’s start with your clairvoyance ability. The reading screen is your viewing receptacle. It is where you will receive images and pictures through which spirit may communicate. Using your mind’s eye, imagine a large movie screen out in front of you. Now, ask your question. Or, ask for a message from spirit. Do not demand, just ask. Let the answer come.

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