4 Ways to Eliminate Metals From Your Body

Lemon Water Anyone?

The Basics

WHAT: Summary of the research findings on foods supporting body’s natural way of eliminating harming metals.

SOURCE: Nutritional Therapy Association, Standing & Raising Aids Market Size 2019: by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application Markets and Research, 1 May 2018

GREAT FOR: Nutrition, Physical Well-being, Gut Health, Wellness, Healing



Let’s have a look at the proportions of what we eat. How much nutrients and how much heavy metals we get in the body.

If we do not fill up our body with healthy vitamins, minerals and nutrients, the gaps in the body where we lack healthy stuff will be replaced with metals. If the body cannot be filled with the right mineral because the diet is deficient in that mineral or the digestive tract isn’t absorbing it properly. Well, the body grabs the thing that looks the most similar. Puts this look-alike element and place it and that won’t move (due to the strong electromagnetic pull). This way the biological process of the body cannot function properly to move forward. The more of these receptors are filled with obstinate heavy metals, the more our metabolic processes will slow. 

Supporting The Body's Natural Elimination Process

Once in the intestines, the health of the gut lining is extremely important so that the metals don’t leak back through, into the bloodstream.

The binding (or “chelating”) power of plants, nuts, and seeds shines at this stage of the game. Once the heavy metals are in the intestines, they will bind strongly to plant material to be eliminated safely. Many of the symptoms seen or felt in heavy metal toxicities are actually due to the mineral deficiencies caused by our body’s own elimination mechanisms. Those metal-binding materials we reviewed above are so wonderful at binding elements, they may get a little confused and also steal important nutrient minerals from us – like zinc, copper, magnesium, chromium, molybdenum, or selenium! Chemistry doesn’t discriminate. A properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet (and possibly even working on therapeutic nutrient dosing with a properly trained practitioner) will be your best defense strategy here – as your functional need for nutrient minerals is likely to be higher than average.


  1. Support digestion and gut healing.
  2. Provide the body with the right amounts of the important nutrient minerals outlined above.
  3. Support liver function with nutrients like B vitamins, vitamin C, choline, taurine, and glycine – or herbs like dandelion, milk thistle, and artichoke.
  4. Provide plenty of plant foods such as raw greens (especially parsley and cilantro), seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, nuts, and seeds. Plant binders will most likely only bind to the minerals that make it into the digestive tract, so should be used along with other strategies.

To add to that from our team’s experience and knowledge, try also drinking a lemon water each morning before you have breakfast (on an empty stomach): 1 squeezed lemon for 1 litre of filtered water or you can do 2 lemons too if you prefer a stronger taste. It will speed up your digestive system, burn faster and remove the metals from the body.

Also when you are a mother, you want your baby food without heavy metals when breastfeeding. When they older check what are baby foods with heavy metals and how to replace them. For example, you might go for oatmeal over a rice cereal or overall go for organic food. 

Safe nutritional support of heavy metal burdens always respects the body’s natural functions. Provide it with what it needs – then get out of its way!

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