Green Laurels

Eco-friendly, Vegan Cosmetics & Home Scents

The Basics

Address: Farnham, Surrey , Online
Online Shop: https://greenlaurels.co.uk/
Email: sales@greenlaurels.co.uk

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Green Laurels is an eco-friendly cosmetics and home fragrance brand and online supplier based in Farnham, Surrey.

The brand was created at the beginning of 2020. Simon, the owner had previously spent years being creative in photography but yearned for a scalable product-based business. All products are handmade, using naturally occurring ingredients, such as Olive and coconut oils in our soaps, and soy wax for our candles.

Some of the products contain essential oils as these are widely regarded as having many benefits.

The Story

Whilst Simon worked in Santa’s grotto, he had a chat with Santa who suggested bathroom products, and the seeds were planted! So, after some research, the first products developed were sustainable handmade soaps and candles which went down very well, and the range has been growing ever since…


Green Laurels is an award-winning small business that creates accessible and sustainable vegan toiletries, and helps people learn how they can be more eco-friendly.

For every subscription box sold, Green Laurels donates £1 that buys a tree to be planted in conjunction with  ‘Green Up Britain’

All products are long-lasting therefore offering great value, and peace of mind.
Created to offer a greener option that is single-use plastic free to ensure a more planet friendly approach.

With less waste going into landfill, this will have a positive effect on our environment and our future.

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