Gratitude Practice

Learning to See The Good Side of Everyday Living

The Basics

What: Writing morning and evening gratitude lists

Where: https://youtu.be/mOHV9QRGeBQ

Great For: Positive Outlook, Feeling Happy, Self-Appreciation, Self-Acceptance, Mental Health, Values, Personal Growth


Making your very own list of things you are grateful for is learning to appreciate life and to notice the side of your own being which is to be thankful for and proud of.

There is a special kind of power in writing down all the things you are grateful for. It makes you focus more often on the positive and shapes your self-perception in the way that you acknowledge your strengths and successes more.

The more you focus on all that you are grateful for, the more of such things you attract into your life (law of attraction) and then your gratitude grows; you enjoy your Iife more and thus, you become happier.


How to Practice

Write two gratitude lists:

  1. In the morning – write all that you are grateful for, everything big and small that you send thanks for to the sky; do not overthink, let it flow out of your mind
  2. Before you go to bed at night – think about your day and list all that you glad happened (events, your actions, news, meetings, etc.)

It is best when you write on a sheet of paper. Handwriting offers a specific emotional connection with the brain, which is both inspiring and relaxing.

Support Group

Together is more fun. Join others in the support group for this and other weekly practices: https://innerfirecommunity.mn.co

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