FREE Programme: How to Live Stress Free

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The Basics

Quote IFII01 and get FREE 6-part video programme “How to Live a Stress Free Life” when you buy any of John Kenny’s coaching packages.


How to Live a Stress Free Life is a 6-part Video Programmethat can enable you to:

Understand what stress is and the impacts that it can have on your life.

Know what specific things lead you to feel stressed.

Notice when stress is getting too much and impacting on you negatively.

Manage stress as it happens and fend it off in the first place by adjusting certain things in your life.

You will be sent a weekly email with a link to each video and worksheets so that you can follow the course as directed.

The link is always active so you can start the programme when you wish.

For the full benefit you need to follow and complete the programme.

Both the video programme and coaching sessions are prepared and led by John Kenny – Interpersonal Relationship Coach. 

How To Redeem The Offer

To redeem this offer get in touch with John Kenny directly on

info@johnkennycoaching.com or on +44 (0)77 0935 0019.

Quote IFII01 when booking one of the coaching packages.


The FREE Video Programme is available with any of John’s coaching packages.


The science to healthy use of fear for abundance.

Discover how to use fears to escape the anxiety trap and create the life you want.

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