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The Basics

Keyajee Ayurvedic Clinic is offering a beautiful ebook that leads you through the steps of resetting your digestion complete with recipes and daily diet plans.


Vaidya Seema, trained in Ayurveda and the holistic health modalities, offers a treasure chest of treatments, medicines, and practices to aid you back to balance. With over 25 years of experience working in women’s health and at a busy clinic in London, Seema guides women through the entire journey of becoming a mother, from pre-conception advice to postpartum care.

What to Expect

This diet plan is not about losing weight but about building your metabolism. Without starving yourself, you will learn when you feel honestly hungry. Therefore try to have 3 meals a day and only eat when truly hungry. That said, if you re-establish a strong digestive fire, you will start effortlessly losing weight over time and at a pace that is good for your body.

Let’s start from the base and clean the gut from toxins in order to get the body ready for the right metabolism. You will find your body and mind much healthy, clear thinking, the feeling of being much lighter, better sleep, more energy, and way better clarity on how to eat healthy.

How to Redeem This Offer?

To receive a FREE e-book fill in the form on https://keyajee.com/ and the FREE Digestive Reset Programme will be send to your email address.

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