Coconut Collaborative

Major Supermarkets, London

The Basics

Address: 16A Great Peter StreetSW1P 2BX London, United Kingdom 

Website: https://coconutco.co.uk/ 

Great for: Yogurts, Dairy Free, Vegan, Health 


A dairy-free coconut yogurt alternative made from the milk of the coconut. Delicious yogurts, ice creams and other desserts made of coconut. Divine straight out the pot or thrown together with other heavenly delights. 


Coconut Collaborative is on a mission to change the world through the incredible power of the coconut. Not only do they make delicious and nutritious yoghurts and frozen yoghurts, but they are also helping to replenish coconut trees in the Philippines after they were destroyed by hurricane Haiyan. 

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